Knots & Lashings Resources

Which Knot Should I Use?

Knots by Scouting Requirement

Rank Requirements


Square Knot


Two Half Hitches

Taut-Line Hitch, also called: Rolling Hitch

First Class

Timber Hitch

Clove Hitch

Square Lashing

Shear Lashing

Diagonal Lashing

Merit Badge Requirements

Climbing Merit Badge

Double Fisherman's Knot (Grapevine Knot)

Figure Eight on a Bight

Figure Eight Follow-Through

Safety knot

Water knot

Fishing and Fly-Fishing Merit Badges

Arbor Knot

Blood Knot


Double Surgeon's Loop


Loop to Loop

Turle (omitted as it is one of the weakest knots)

Pioneering Merit Badge

Back Splice


Diagonal Lashing

Eye Splice

Round Lashing

Round Turn with Two Half Hitches

Shear Lashing

Sheet Bend

Short Splice

Square knot

Square Lashing

Tripod Lashing

Sheepshank (included very reluctantly – too high a failure rate)

Rowing Merit Badge


Clove Hitch

Round Turn with Two Half-Hitches

Tumble Hitch (Added, see below)

Mooring Hitch (omitted, Tumble Hitch better alternative)

Wellman's Knot (omitted, Tumble Hitch better alternative)

Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge


Cleat Hitch

Clove Hitch

Figure Eight Knot

Square (Reef) Knot

Two Half Hitches

Pioneering Projects