Outdoor Recognitions

Totin' Chip

The Totin' Chip is a recognition for skills in knives, axes, and saws

Firem'n Chit

Firem'n Chit is a recognition for skills in fire making

Paul Bunyan Woodsman

Paul Bunyan Woodsman shows not only your skills with wood tools, but your teaching skills as well

50 Miler

The 50 Miler is achieved by completing a hike/ bike ride/ boat ride of at least 50 Miles over at least 5 days

Historic Trails Award

This award shows that the recipient has researched camped near and helped with conservation efforts at a historic trail

National Outdoor Awards

This badge is about knowledge and experience of the outdoors , it has 6 areas each pertaining to a slightly different subject (camping, Hiking, aquatics, riding, conservation, and adventure) the middle patch is the national medal for outdoor achievement

Environmental Recognitions

World conservation Award

This award is achieved by completing the Environmental Science, Citizenship in the world, and either soil and water conservation or the fish and wildlife management merit badges